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“Big 4” Advisory Firm

For the Energy & Resources Practice of a
“Big 4” Advisory Firm

DES Growth Partners has extensive experience working with clients to define tangible search criteria that enable more us to more rapidly and effectively identify and screen exceptional candidates.

For a multi-year period, Stan was the primary search consultant for Client’s Energy Advisory practice based in Houston.  Beginning with the placement of a Senior Partner in the Client’s Oil & Gas practice, Stan’s search efforts were expanded to bring in additional partners and senior managers to enable this Senior Partner to grow Client’s oil & gas practice into one of the most respected energy consultancies in the US.  While Stan was not the exclusive recruiter in this effort, he did provide 2 additional key partners and 3 senior managers who all made significant contributions to the growth and positive reputation of the Client’s energy practice.

The Client has an extensive qualification process for senior-level candidates.  Each of these 5 searches were conducted over an approximately 9-month period, with the first 3 months dedicated to sourcing and the last 6 months dedicated to qualifying, interviewing, and, ultimately conducting reference checks, extending and negotiating the offer, and onboarding the successful candidate.  Stan had primary responsibility for sourcing and screening candidates.

The key to success in this search was identifying the organizations that were most likely to employ individuals that would both fit in well with Client’s culture as well as be immediately accretive to Client’s growing energy practice.  A set of “primary target” employers were identified through consultation with the Client.  Individuals who were currently employed by (or recently left the employ of) these primary target employers were believed to be much more likely to fit the culture and be more immediately accretive to Client’s energy advisory practice than consultants who lacked that experience.  Prospective candidates were approached on a confidential basis and the identity of the ultimate employer was kept confidential until prospective candidates engaged in an exploratory conversation with Stan, expressed interest in the opportunity, and submitted a resume to Stan for consideration.

Stan forwarded the resume of qualified candidates, along with his interview notes, to Client for further qualifying and validation.  During this phase of the search Stan had an advisory / supporting role, with Client taking the lead in further qualifying candidates through extensive interviews, conducting reference checks and formulating the initial offer.  Stan took the lead in gaining candidate acceptance.

This Senior Partner went on to become the National Managing Director for Client Consulting’s Energy & Resources Practice and to serve on the Client Consulting Executive Committee.


Middle Market Private Equity Fund

For a Middle Market Private Equity Fund (in partnership with a co-investment firm and business broker)

DES Growth Partners has demonstrated his ability to succeed in searches that are outside the capabilities of typical executive search professionals.  This particular search required financial & investment acumen that is beyond the capabilities of most executive search professionals.

Stan Marts sourced the CEO for a PE-backed acquisition of an Industrial Services Firm (“The Firm.”)  Several months after closing the acquisition, Stan was tapped to bring in a new CFO for the firm.  This search was unique in that it initially was a broad search for investment opportunities in the industrial services sector – without a particular executive or target acquisition in mind.  The criteria for this search were both defined by and constrained by the fund’s investment criteria.

The challenge of this search was to identify a proven executive that had an investment thesis in the target sector (industrial services) and who could help identify promising acquisition targets.  Stan used his extensive network of executives with experience leading middle-market companies (enterprise value $50 – 500 MM) as well as proprietary data bases to identify and screen prospective candidates.  While ultimately successful, this search proved to be extremely difficult.  The major challenge was not finding qualified executives with relevant investment theses, but rather finding acquisition targets and successfully completing the acquisition.  While Stan was not an active contributor to the acquisition process, reviewing and screening investment theses for viability was a major part of the search process.

The acquisition remains an important part of Fund’s energy services portfolio, but a profitable exit is planned for the near future.


Boutique Management Consulting Firm

For a Boutique Management Consulting Firm – Energy Consulting Succession Team

DES Growth Partners has a demonstrated ability to source key executives to ensure the long-term viability of our clients. 

Stan Marts sourced experienced consulting project managers for a boutique energy consulting firm that was moving from a small core team supplemented by contractors to a more cohesive, brand-loyal permanent employment model.  The focus of this project was to source proven, “near partner” level candidates with expertise in managing projects involving financial restructuring, change management and/or supply chain improvements.

The key drivers of this project were the desire to fill out the core-team with proven mid- and senior-level project managers who could ensure value-added delivery to their clients and become equity partners in 3 – 5 years thereby ensuring continued growth for the firm.

Stan forwarded the resume of qualified candidates, along with his interview notes, to the Client for further qualifying and validation with Stan coordinating communications and interviews. .  The client presented conditional offers to those candidates who remained after the qualification process.

Stan contacted and interviewed candidate references and presented the summarized findings along with contact information for the references in case any follow-on information was necessary.   Stan took an active role in negotiating the final offer and gaining candidate acceptance.