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Dedicated Executive Search – The intelligent alternative to retained executive search

Helping Clients Grow Profitably

We aim to be your preferred provider of superior executive talent. We are experts at helping our clients articulate their hiring needs, turning those hiring needs into an action plan and executing a search to find candidates that satisfy those requirements.

Our search process typically proceeds as follows:

  1. Learn about our client’s business and the unique value proposition that the client offers its employees
  2. Help articulate the requirements of the position to be filled including the objectives and responsibilities of the job, the reporting relationship, candidate qualifications and target compensation
  3. Research the talent pool to define likely candidate-rich environments
  4. Conduct detailed research to identify specific candidates
  5. Contact and interview potential candidates to determine how well they match the requirements and determine their level of interest in the role.  We seek candidates who are both qualified and interested – never talking the hard sell approach but rather a consultative approach. 
  6. Present promising candidates to the client for review
  7. Coordinate the scheduling of candidate interviews with the client’s personnel.
  8. Conduct reference checks on candidates the client is interested in offering employment.
  9. Serve as an intermediary between the client and the candidate during the offer stage
  10. Following up with client to ensure that the on-boarding process goes smoothly.

While we believe our search expertise applies to all industries, our experience is concentrated in the following industries:

  1. Business Services – particularly management consulting
  2. Energy and Chemicals
  3. Life Sciences and Medical Devices

Please contact us to learn how DES Growth Partners can help your firm achieve profitable growth through the acquisition of top talent.

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