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Helping Clients Grow Profitably

We aim to be your preferred provider of superior executive talent. We are experts at helping our clients articulate their hiring needs, turning those hiring needs into an action plan and executing a search to find candidates that satisfy those requirements.

While we believe our search expertise applies to all industries, our experience is concentrated in the following industries:

  1. Business Services – particularly management consulting
  2. Oil & Gas
  3. Electric  Power & Utilities
  4. Chemicals
  5. Middle Market Private Equity

Guiding Principles: Alignment and Simplicity

A key differentiator for DES Growth Partners is our approach to the search contract.  Search contracts are typically either contingent (payable only upon successfully placing a candidate) or retained (full fee payable regardless of outcome.) In our view neither approach is ideal:

  • Contingent contracts place all the risk on the search firm – and consequently influences the behavior of the search firm in ways that are not in the interest of the hiring company.
  • Retained search — puts all the risk on the hiring company.
  • There is a better way — Dedicated Executive Search.
  • AT DES Growth Partners we strive to write fee agreements that are competitively priced and that create an alignment of incentives between the hiring firm and DES Growth Partners without being overly complex.

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Please contact us to learn how DES Growth Partners can help your firm achieve profitable growth through the acquisition of top talent. We’ll provide you with an overview of our proprietary search process and a search project questionnaire after you complete the form below.

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