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DES Growth Partners, Inc.

Dedicated Executive Search – The intelligent alternative to retained executive search

Guiding Principles: Alignment and Simplicity

A key differentiator for DES Growth Partners is our approach to the search contract.  Search contracts are typically either contingent (payable only upon successfully placing a candidate) or retained (full fee payable regardless of outcome.) In our view neither approach is ideal:

Contingent contracts place all the risk on the search firm – and consequently influences the behavior of the search firm in ways that are not in the interest of the hiring company.

Retained search: puts all the risk on the hiring company.

There is a better way: Dedicated Executive Search.

AT DES Growth Partners we strive to write fee agreements that are competitively priced and that create an alignment of incentives between the hiring firm and DES Growth Partners without being overly complex.


DES Growth Partners is vigilant about cost control – and that vigilance allows us to offer our services at competitive rates without compromising on service.


Fee payments are structured in a way that that reduces risk for the hiring firm while simultaneously incenting DES Growth Partners to perform.  A typical structure will include an up-front payment to get the search started followed by one or more additional payments upon achieving certain pre-determined milestones.


We do not take a “one-size fits-all” approach to search fee structure.  We remain flexible and open to creating a fee structure that addresses the concerns you have.  Give us a call and let’s talk about your search needs.

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